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porto priser

Prices from 38 kr,-

Type of shipment

Mini Pakke
20 x 10 x 5 CM
Up to 0,25 KG

pakke pris

Thin Box
33 x 23 x 3 CM
Up to 0,5 KG

billig fragt

Small Box
33 x 23 x 6 CM
Up to 2 KG


Ord. Box
40 x 25 x 20 CM
Up to 4 KG


Moving Box
70 x 40 x 40 CM
Up to 25 KG


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Prices from 38 kr,-

Type of shipment

En hel palle


En halv palle


General cargo/groupage




Prices from 38 kr,-



Prices from 38 kr,-

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Delivery services

Door To Door
Access point to Access point
Access point to Door
Terminal To Terminal


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You can send: documents, packages, pallets and containers.


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At you can easily order cheap UPS shipments
On the front page you can calculate and order - to write only send and receive information and immediately you will see the prices of the following services :.

By order print and apply barcode package label

UPS prices - easy, fast and cheap - send package UPS

Ship with UPS in the US.

UPS Courier Services

Whether you need to view UPS tracking information, contact a UPS customer, find an access UPS point location or get a UPS quote, it's all here in our handy guide to UPS shipping. You can also arrange for a UPS pickup or learn about various UPS services such as standard and express saver delivery.

UPS Access Points - Pick-up & Drop-off locations

UPS Access Points is a network of local collection and drop-off points conveniently located near your home or work, such as a local kiosk, gas station or grocery store. UPS access points allow you to collect or drop off packages at your convenience, and often outside of normal business hours. There are now UPS access points throughout Denmark and Europe, as customers embrace the convenient UPS drop-off and collection services.

Stop waiting at home for pickup

Choose from more than 2,500 local retailers to collect or drop off your package.

Most retailers are open evenings and weekends.

Find your nearest UPS drop-off or collection point

UPS can collect the same day from most places in the world.

They make three delivery attempts as standard for most destinations, but in Denmark, for items weighing less than 20 kg, UPS just make an attempt at delivery; and if they fail to deliver to you, the shipment is delivered to the nearest UPS Access Point location instead.

UPS Tracking
UPS tracking information includes real-time scanning information for both UK and international tracking, so you can always see packet progress no matter where you ship. With® it is easy to track the shipment; simply enter your UPS tracking number into our tracking page, and see real-time status and location of shipment. What's more, if the shipment is delayed, we will keep you updated with email alerts and help resolve any issues.

When tracking the shipment, you should keep an eye out for 'exemption scans' as these may indicate that there is a delay in delivery. The exemption scanner will notify you of the reason for the delay. A common case delays if you ship internationally assumes the consignee to contact the UPS in the recipient country.When you track your shipment if you see that it is here in the recipient country and the shipment status is indicated as "exceptions", then we recommend that you ask the recipient to contact the UPS to help speed up customs clearance. You can get the phone number directly from the bottom of this page.

UPS Denmark Services
UPS offers a comprehensive range of UK and international express, timed and economy delivery options for any wallet.

UPS Express Saver
Fast world plan
Fast delivery.

UPS Express and Express Plus:
09:00, 10:30 and 24:00
timed delivery with
Money back guarantee.

UPS Standard and UPS Expedited
Slower more economical
supply of large
and heavy packages.

UPS delivery times

UPS offers both fast express and slower economy delivery, with transit times ranging by destination:

Delivery Europe
Express - Next day
Economy - 2-5 days

USA delivery
Fixed 1-2 day
Economy 3-5 days

Asia delivery
Fixed 2-4 days
Economy 3-6 days

delivery Africa
Fixed 2-5 days
Economy 4-6 days

Customs and International Shipping

Whether you ship to China, the United States or other countries outside the EU, the shipment must go through customs, and may be subject to customs duties and taxes.® will automatically provide papers you need for customs clearance.

UPS rates and fees

UPS have strict size and weight restrictions and do not accept goods more than 70 kg in weight or 419cm in length and scope combined as they are not a suitable solution for very large and heavy packages or shipments. They also apply to a number of supplements for large items. quotes include all taxes.

All prices include all taxes. UPS costs for external site supplies and also has a lot of size and weight related charges, so it's important that you provide accurate Bande measurements and weights when requesting a quote.
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