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porto priser

Prices from 38 kr,-

Type of shipment

Mini Pakke
20 x 10 x 5 CM
Up to 0,25 KG

pakke pris

Thin Box
33 x 23 x 3 CM
Up to 0,5 KG

billig fragt

Small Box
33 x 23 x 6 CM
Up to 2 KG


Ord. Box
40 x 25 x 20 CM
Up to 4 KG


Moving Box
70 x 40 x 40 CM
Up to 25 KG


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Prices from 38 kr,-


Prices from 38 kr,-

Type of shipment

En hel palle


En halv palle


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Prices from 38 kr,-


Prices from 38 kr,-

Prices from 38 kr,-


Prices from 38 kr,-


Prices from 38 kr,- compares prices from


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Note: sells DHL Express shipments through subcontractors and not directly with DHL!

DHL Prices - Easy, Fast and Cheap!

Via you can easily send packages with DHL - on the front page you can calculate and order - you simply enter the sender and recipient information and immediately you will see the prices for the following services:

DHL Express

DHL Shipments

DHL Labels

DHL Freight

After ordering the printer, apply barcode package labels. Remember to fill in customs documents if your shipments are to leave or enter the EU:


Here you can send a package with DHL Sweden or DHL Norway.


Here you can send package with DHL in the USA.

Save up to 40% on DHL prices


DHL Courier Services
DHL Express is a division of the German logistics operator Deutsche Post which is the world's largest international courier service. DHL offers a wide range of courier services in Denmark and to over 220 countries worldwide.

With the most comprehensive global delivery network DHL service portfolio, Express & International offers parcel services, global mail services, road and air freight delivery for heavier shipments via DHL Global Forwarding and logistics, freight and fulfillment services via DHL Supply Chain.

With you do NOT need a DHL account number to send a package with DHL or get a DHL discount.

Whether you are exporting to Germany or the USA, or you need to import goods from abroad, our online DHL price calculator will save you both time and money by giving you a selection of DHL service options and DHL delivery times.

Whether you send airmail, export large heavy packages or pallets, or you need to import goods into Denmark, DHL has a service to meet your needs. DHL employs over 315,000 people, with a fleet of 89,000 vehicles from light vans to larger trucks to large and heavy parcel delivery and pallet services.

One of the many strengths of DHL is transportation to embargo countries. Eg. UPS and FedEx are limited by US embargoes for certain countries, DHL is not and thus is unable to offer parcel delivery to embargo countries like Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cuba and even North Korea. DHL has a strong delivery network in the EU and is the leading parcel courier in Germany and many other EU countries.

Check out our blog for DHL news and announcements, and get lots of free shipping tips and advice.

DHL Tracking
Our DHL tracking provides door-to-door information in real time. It is simple to enter your DHL tracking number into our tracking page. Our tracking service shows the real time status of your shipment as well as where it is in the world - so if your shipment is delayed, you will be able to see the reason for the delay.

DHL Services
DHL offers a comprehensive range of express and economical delivery options:

DHL Express Worldwide
Fast international courier

DHL Time Definite
09:00, 10:30 and 12noon
next business day delivery
with money back guarantee

DHL Denmark Finance

non-time critical and
large or heavy deliveries

DHL Global Mail:
Worldwide post & mail services

DHL Air Freight
DHL offers air freight solutions through their freight division "DHL Global Forwarding"

DHL Express delivery times
DHL offers fast transit times worldwide, with many destinations served the next day

DHL Express transit time estimates:

Delivery Europe: Next day

Delivery USA:

East Coast: Next day
West Coast: 2 days

Asia delivery:
2 - 4 days

Delivery Africa
2 - 3 days

Customs and International Shipping

If you ship to China, or ship a package to the US or another destination outside the EU with DHL, you must prepare customs documents and your package may be subject to import duties and taxes. will help you create a customs document or pro forma invoice online.

TAX or local customs authority will assess the amount of any customs and tax (if any) to be imposed on your shipment when your goods arrive in the destination country. If you are sending gifts or personal effects and they are below a certain limit, your shipment will probably not incur any import customs fees, but each country's import rules vary, so it's worth checking with the recipient local customs authority.

Once the customs has decided on the customs or tax to apply to your shipment, DHL will then contact the consignee to arrange payment before delivery.

Learn more about services:

DHL Rates & Fees's prices include all applicable supplements. DHL charges for remote area supplies and has a number of size and weight related surcharges, so it is important that you provide accurate parcel dimensions and weight. offers services of the world's leading courier network, and our technology automatically calculates the most efficient and cheapest route for each shipment.

With you get the best of both worlds!
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