Invoice Payment

This is how an invoice credit works at

The purpose of creating you as an credit customer is of course to make it easy to purchase online. You do not have to think about payment in the purchase situation and subsequently receive an invoice.

Your company / institution is set up with its own profile, which ensures that the same trading conditions apply regardless of who is trading for the company.

Application and approval

You create a business account at here or start an purchase process. During the actual ordering process you will automatically be set up and credit rated.

You are automatically created for invoice if your company is approved. The credit rating is done automatically on the basis of your CVR number and is done in collaboration with Experian Denmark

If you cannot choose the invoice when you have to pay, you have not been automatically approved. In this case, contact customer service for any manual credit approval.

Who can shop:

All of the company's employees who are created as users can trade on the company's billing system. All users must simply use the same CVR and possibly EAN number. Alternatively, you can contact and ask us to add more users

Your profile:

When you log in, you can see your user data and correct addresses etc. You can see trading terms and conditions, order history etc. You can also find copies of invoices and print them out yourself and see a list of transactions your account.

How much credit:

If we approve your application, we also add a credit limit that defines how much in total can be outstanding. The amount is dynamic and depends on the automatic credit rating.

Larger companies can get a higher limit depending on rating and needs. Public companies / institutions generally have a standard limit of DKK 2,500. Should you need to shop for more than this limit we can change this permanently or from time to time.

Note: You can easily buy for example DKK 100,000 per year, even though the credit limit is DKK 2,500. Should your purchasing need be fewer large orders, more than several smaller ones, please contact us and we will find a solution.


All invoices are sent electronically to the email address you have provided. You can always find previously submitted invoices under your profile and print out a copy from here.


Payment is made on the basis of the payment string which is stated at the bottom of the invoice sent (which is used for payment per online bank etc.). We would very much like this string to be used over other payments, eg via giro account, by check or the like. The payment string contains information that makes your payment easily and quickly matched to your account, and we can avoid any doubt about whether the invoice has been paid.


5 days after payment is due, you will receive a reminder. This reminder is sent by mail. An additional 5 days will be moved by mail. This reminder may be subject to a fee of DKK 150.00. After another 7 days, the second reminder is sent. If payment is not made after 7 days at the latest, the claim is transferred to debt collection.

Other questions: If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here or call +45 70 201 401.