Standard insurance

In your price there is always a standard insurance included (with a few exceptions*). This standard insurance covers up to DKK 500 if your package is lost or damaged. Although the standard insurance does not cover the items listed further down on this page.

* referring to our Terms and Conditions.

Additional insurance

In the case that you wish to cover a larger amount than the standard insurance does, there is also an option for you to sign an additional insurance. This insurance can be signed when you place your order. The premium is 5 % of the insurance value of the entire shipment. Although the insurance does not cover the items listed below.

Following items cannot be covered against transport damage with neither the standard or additional insurance, but will be covered in case of loss.

This regards all freight that is considered prohibited and dangerous


•                    Electronics (TV, radio, amplifiers etc.)


•                    Porcelain, glass (cups, plates, sinks, toilet bowls, sculptures etc.)


•                    Items sensitive to thumps or shaking.


The prohibited items above are only a few examples out of many. For more information please read the ‘what you can ship’ (link) -section.


Shipments that exceed the value of DKK 25,000 have to be approved by the chauffeur before it can be accepted for transportation. Furthermore the chauffeur will have to sign an insurance agreement when the shipment is received. If these criteria is not met; the insurance does not cover the shipment.

If your shipment does not have the correct packaging, neither the standard nor additional insurance will cover the shipment if the shipment is damaged during transportation.

In case the shipment is damaged during transportation and the recipient discovers this, the parcel must not be opened, but has to be sent directly back to accompanied by pictures documenting the damage.