Send a package


In order to send a package with there are 3 things you need to do, before the package is ready for pickup.

1. Pack the package correctly

2. Print the address label (which you receive in your order confirmation mail), and attach a label on each individual package.

3. Fill out and print customs document when shipping to a destination outside EU.

Above applies to both document and package shipments.

When the package is ready for shipment, it is very important that the packaging is correct and according to our terms and conditions so that the standards and extended insurances will be valid. Also Make sure shipment correlates with our Terms and Conditions

You can check out our information on packaging guidelines here.

After you made the order, you should receive an email with order confirmation, invoice and address label(s).

In case you need to fill a customs document, you will be sent a guide for this as well.

You will need to print out the address label(s) and attach it to the package. If you have more than one package, you will receive additional labels for each package. Remember to put the right label, regarding size and weight, on the right package.

When the driver arrives, it is important that the label is attached the package, so it can be scanned in order for it to be tracked, and pickup and delivery can be documented.

If you send to a destination outside EU, you will need to fill out an export document for customs purposes. You do this online on your account, which will be created the first time you send with us.

Additional information is available in our FAQ