Packaging guidelines

It is the responsibility of the sender that the contents of the shipment are packed correct. This has to be in place to be able to receive replacement in case the shipment is damaged.

The shipment will be processed and handled with other customers’ shipments and will therefore have to be capable of resisting normal transport handling, which can mean several loadings and trips through sorting terminals. Including this is machine handling as well, which means that the outer and inner packaging has to fit the contents, and not have a lot of exterior space within. follows the recommendations of International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) regarding the max weight of the contents of card board boxes beside the UPS packaging guide regarding inner and outer packaging. These guideline has to be followed in order to pack your parcel correct.

It is also important to keep type, weight and durability of the contents in mind when packaging your parcel.
By default we recommend cardboard boxes for most shipments. The inner packaging depends highly on the contents.

If you wish to ship bigger and more fragile objects we recommend that you ship it in wooden crates.

Always use a new box if possible. The more times a box is used the more the protective effect wears off. As an example a box used earlier for the same contents might not be sufficient when shipping the contents the next time.
If you intend on reusing a box you have to make sure that the box is in a solid and perfect condition without holes, tears, dented corners and that all parts of the box are intact. Please remove all labels and marks of shipment from the box that are not related to the current shipment.

Please do remember that even though prohibited items are properly wrapped, we cannot provide you with replacements in case the items are damaged or get lost. We do always look at the UPS guidelines regarding packaging.

Link for the UPS packaging guidelines

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