What you can ship

Important information about shipment containing perfumes, deodorants, nail polish, etc:

If you are shipping by air or ship as express, DO NOT INCLUDE perfumes, deo spray and nail polish. These will delay the shipment and are removed from the content due to international aviation security


You will always hold the responsibility of checking if the contents of your shipment are taxable and if the laws of the recipients’ country allow the import of said contents.

Pakke.dk does not check these circumstances with you and is not capable of advising you in this matter. In this case we advise you to seek information with the authority of the country you are shipping to, like for example embassies and customs authorities.

It is prohibited to ship the following items and dangerous freight to all countries available with Pakke.dk. Dangerous freight is a common term covering drugs or objects that can cause damage upon humans, environment or property if they are not handled correct during transportation.

Shipments that get caught in customs due to prohibited contents or dangerous freight will not be credited the customer and Pakke.dk reserves the right to charge the customer of punishment fees no matter the treatment of destruction or cleaning of prohibited contents.

Following are a few examples:  

-                     USA does not allow the import of food and alcohol.

-                     China does not allow import of wood unless it is specially treated.

-                     Marmite is a British spread of yeast extract and is illegal to import to Denmark.

-                     Importing mobile phones to Turkey is not allowed


Prohibited items:


Items of very special value.

Works of art, antiques, gemstones, stamps, unique items, gold or silver, money or securities (for example: checks, bills of exchange, prepaid credit cards, share warrants or other securities) and other things similar.

Animal skin, fur or hide (That does not come from livestock farming)

Ivory and ivory products

Dangerous substances/materials (according to IATA- and ADR-regulations[link])

Perishable goods


Alive animals



Oils (mineral, vegetable, etheral)

Pornographic material

Tobacco and tobacco products.




Dangerous goods:







    Safety fuses


   Percussion caps

   Other kinds of explosives.


Compressed gas


    Fire extinguishers

    Spray cans of any kind

    Butane gas

    Gas lighters


Flammable liquids


    Petrol (gasoline)

    Flammable solvents

    Flammable cleaning remedies

    Flammable paint

    Flammable lacquer remover

    Nail varnish



Flammable solid substances


    Matches of any kind

    Safety film (cellulose acetate film) or other items from nitrocellulose  

    Substances that are dangerous when wet.





    Oxidizing liquids and solids

    Organic peroxide (for example bleaching substances)



Radioactive substances


    Tests for medical use

    Tests related to any scientific research



Corrosive substances


    Cleaning fluid

    Rust remover


    Battery fluid



Other dangerous substances


Substances that have narcotizing, harmful, toxic or other properties that can cause inconvenience or unpleasant situations upon leaking.

     Strongly corrosive substances